Posted by: joeyv1333 | December 7, 2011

V for Vendetta, Vivek, the cloud…


Seriously, what is this guy’s  story?  I’ll leave that as a google exercise for the reader, on the positive side this article motivated me to take a few minutes to write a blog post because this kind of stuff cannot be left unchallenged.   Some quick background, from my observation, Vivek had no use for EA on arrival at the federal government, as we learn in this article; this opinion/conclusion apparently was formed when he worked for the state of Virginia prior to federal service. 

Well Dorothy, we are not in Virginia anymore, a point I really want to drive home on this blog, as the author astutely describes the federal government is an inefficient bureaucratic “machine”.  This machine runs on “paper”, IMO I agree with Vivek, most Fed EA programs are ineffective (uh yeah, most of the government is inefficient/ineffective), this is more a slam on the way the Federal government works or doesn’t work than the practice of EA itself, i.e. the root problem is not “EA”, I believe EA is the only hope Obi wan.  I agree in “confronting the truth as is, not as I wish it were,” (BTW what is the truth, this fellowship is a promotion?).   I really wish the government didn’t work the way it does, OK, now can you join me in reality world?

Most FEA programs produce a lot of paper, why?  Like I said the machine runs on paper and we are trying to work with (align with) and change the machine as much as we can from “where we are” (BTW GS-14s/15s generally), we are not in a position to drastically fundamentally change the machine itself (uh, yeah, that would take someone like maybe … the CIO of the government), if you do not understand this I’d suggest getting your old Civics 101 book out.   “Paper that nobody ever reads”, again in a machine made of paper, why don’t they read this paper.  Is nobody reading the paper regarding contracting, HR, Procurement, Budgeting, Accounting, Contracting or just the EA paper, so we will effect these paper based domains with our force of will, maybe someone could compel this discipline like maybe the C…oh never mind.

Taking the approach of ignoring/bypassing the machine, to wing it, disconnecting from the paper, when that person leaves; it’s like the tree falling in the woods with no one to hear it, the machine is left unchanged, is that effective?  This approach allows for “quick wins”, “low hanging fruit”, or what EAs call “yet another disconnected silos”, or the classic pattern of “optimizing the part and sub-optimizing the whole”.    

Enough of this irrelevance, now on to the cloud…  So we do have the Cloud First guidance.  This assertion is sort of helpful, but if you think it affects the machine and now the government is running to the “cloud”, or the Federal EAs discovered the cloud via this document, please read my other blog posts.  “The cloud” will require a strong Enterprise Architecture, David Linthicum gets it, and describes it a lot better than I can, I strongly recommend his book.


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